How to plan a wedding - wedding preparation quotes

There are many different planning aspects to consider when planning your own wedding. You can not forget the little details that occur between all major decision making processes. After activation, you must first set your budget and select a topic. You and your fiancé should make these decisions together, so you should talk about your ideas and make sure you're both involved! Once you have talked about your topic, you should look at your budget and what you imagine to spend on your special day. A very important thing to consider when planning a wedding is a briefcase that contains all your information about places, photographers, ideas, etc., so nothing is lost. You can keep all of your contacts, contracts, emails and offers in one place for easier access. This will help you get closer to the date as most suppliers request contact information from other suppliers so that they are in touch and on the same page about everything that happens that day.

Once all of this is resolved, you can set a date and create a guest list. You must first decide which part of the year you would like to marry and consult with important family members before making a reservation. You have to be very flexible in this process because it is very difficult to get the first date you choose to be in one place. Most people will be hired by 2020, and 2018 has just begun. The next step would be to choose a location. This is one of the biggest decisions, but it should be the most fun! Once you find one, many things fit right in. When you look at places, you should always remember that you do not have to marry just in a house or church, there are many other places you should consider! This is another part of the process where you and your fiancé need to be flexible.

Once you've selected a venue, you'll find the next steps, a photographer, a dress, entertainment, catering, and drinks and vendors. Some things get more difficult than others, but if you've planned your date well enough, you should have plenty of time to find the perfect people for these jobs to make your special day even better! Do not let the planning do you the best, definitely use it! It's your day, then you have to make sure that you are not concentrating on making other people happy and more focused on making you and your fiancé happy. Marriage is so exciting and your wedding day should be the best day of your life, but remember what is really important - you will be with the person you love the most for the rest of your life!


Some people think that planning an outdoor wedding saves money. Nothing is further from the truth! Often they cost more. It all depends on your vision - if you are satisfied with a simple tent, simple tables and chairs in the grass and a simple meal for fifty guests - then you are on the right track. But if you want the complete kit and the Caboodle, then you have to think about the budget and research. There are so many factors you would not need if you were to marry in one place. It's a good idea to do some cost research before deciding to proceed. Tents and everything that goes with them can be quite expensive.


You must rent a tent or stalls - to the dining area, cocktail and / or dance area, kitchen and bathroom. They need a tent big enough to house all the tables and chairs, a dance floor, bars and plenty of space for guests to move around. Be sure to create a suitable floor plan so you know you have enough space for everything and everyone. Couples often forget to make room for people. Two hundred people under a tent lining up at the bar can take up too much space!

You will also need a campground for dealers, which is located next to the main tent. When it rains you do not want the food getting wet. You also have to consider where the guests park and how they arrive in the tent area when it rains. Many tent companies can offer awnings to keep guests dry while walking to the wedding venue.


I can not say enough - it has enough power! All it takes to blow the breaker is to turn on the coffee machine of the restaurant, and there goes the lighting and the sound. It can happen all night and it is a real pain. Hire a company to install a generator that powers everything. Some people find that they can plug everything into the external exits of the house with extension cords - that will never be enough energy to meet the needs of a whole wedding. The company that supplies the generator will wonder what your needs are and will provide you with enough energy to run it all night.


Of course, every bride foresees a perfect sunny day for her wedding, but it is inevitable - Mother Nature can be a real pain! The chances of a perfect sunny day with the ideal temperature and a light breeze are low. Time can be unpredictable, so you want to be prepared. If an outdoor wedding is properly planned, you can reduce the effects of Mother Nature. It has several back-up plans, especially if you plan to have your wedding outside. It is not a bad idea to book a small tent for the ceremony. If the weather is good, you do not need to use it, but it is good insurance if the weather is not ideal. Otherwise you will end up marrying in your dining tent - not what most brides imagine for your wedding ceremony!


There are several options when it comes to renting a bathroom. The good old potty door does the trick, but we all know how evil it can be! If you want something that does not smell like raw sewage, you can opt for the bathroom trailers, which are equipped with air conditioning, lighting, running water and flush toilets. Make sure you have enough toilets - this is not the place to save the budget! A toilet for every 25 guests ensures that the queues are kept to a minimum. If you have some guests with disabilities, be sure to accommodate them with wheelchair accessible units. They also want to make sure that the area is covered with the elements so that guests do not get wet when they go to the bathroom.

Free parking

Your suppliers need a dry sunroom to install in. Some sellers come with portable kitchen pendants, but they still need an area away from the elements to spread out so they can store and set up the food. Make some tables for them, as well as large trash cans with shaving bags for fresh food.

Free parking

When choosing the location for your wedding, make sure that there is enough space for more than 100 vehicles. If the planned park area is in a field or in a meadow, a plan B must be available in case of rain. The ground can become soft with lots of rain and cars can get stuck!


I know what you think - we are good in the grass. It's a wedding in the garden - let's save something. I can say from experience that the bottom is the number one guarantee against the rain. Just because you have a tent does not mean you are tall and dry. If there is even the smallest angle on the ground, which always exists, because no terrain is completely flat, the water will penetrate everywhere and form puddles. I've seen it! The bottom makes the water submerged and keeps everything dry. Better yet, put up the whole tent and she covers the steps to make sure there is no water! The best part, your floor is rinsed perfectly, so that tables and chairs are straight and do not tilt because of the delicate soil and annoying Gofer holes.

tables and chairs

Most tent companies have tables and chairs for rent. Make sure it's in the contract that they assemble the tables and chairs. This is not something you want to do the day before your wedding. Give the tent company the floor plan and let it all lift up heavily. It's well spent money to rid the headaches of all these tables and chairs. And do not forget chairs for the ceremony! You can use the same chairs for the reception, ask your rental company for the cost of handing over the chairs from the ceremony to the reception.


Yes, it will be dark - people have to see it! Hire a lighting company to set up decorative lighting and lighting for the bar area, kitchen area, bathrooms and way to the tent so guests can see where they are going when the sun goes down.


Have a band? You must arrange a ribbon so that it stands on the ground, away from any water that enters the rain tent. Any DJ equipment must also be protected and sockets must be placed in the power boxes to protect them from moisture.


Wedding arrangements come with many things. Have a small tent attached to the side to store buffet equipment, boxes of rental shops, ice machines, etc.

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How to plan a wedding - wedding preparation quotes

There are many different planning aspects to consider when planning your own wedding. You can not forget the little details that occur be...

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