How To Plan A Wedding In France Or Germany and How to Plan Your Outdoor Wedding


Location de chapiteau - Marquee rental

Tente de reception - Reception tent

Passez-moi à l'église à temps - Get me to the church on time

où est le champagne - Where is the champagne?


Festzelt - marquee, party tent or party marquee

Strandhochzeits zelte - Beach wedding tent

Wo ist der priester? - Where is the priest?

Wo ist der Champagner? - Where is the champagne?

Whether you are saying "Je fais" or "Ich mache" don't let your wedding planning get lost in translation. Follow these guidelines and get hitched without a hitch.

Know the Local Laws - There can be a lot of bureaucracy to marry in a new country. Make sure you are familiar with local laws and customs.

Book accommodation for the moment - your guests come from afar. It probably reserves accommodations suitable for a variety of budgets.

Plan activities - For some of your guests, your wedding is not only an opportunity to celebrate your wedding, but also an opportunity to explore a new part of Europe. Organize an activity route that lets you see the best of the area.

Keep things simple - less is often more. Do not complicate things too much. Whether food, decoration or the location of the most demanding details, there is more space for mistakes.

Get a Wedding Planner - This is probably the most valuable advice. No matter how much you have an idea of ​​what you want for your big day, if you marry in a country that is not yours, in a language that is not the first, it can be, to say the least, frightening. By availing yourself of the services of a wedding planner, you can leave all the subtle details to them as you begin to marry the business.

Find a Place - This can be one of the most difficult elements of any wedding. The place can make or break a wedding, and if you are "out of Kansas, Toto," it can be a really dreadful task.

Before going on a local hunt, you should consider several factors. Do you want to be in an internal or external marriage? Would you like a booth reception? Will you marry in a church? Will the celebrations take place during the day or at night? How many people? How far away? Do you have a reception while sitting? Will there be dance and entertainment?

If you opt for an outdoor wedding, even if it's a summer wedding, remember that the European weather can be unpredictable. Make sure your location is suitable for some kind of screen coverage. A tent wedding not only looks spectacular, but also means that your guests can dance until the early hours of the morning, without worrying about the mother's nature appearing unexpectedly in the form of bad weather.

Talk like a place - whether it's an internet search or an interaction with potential wedding vendors, the idea of ​​communicating in broken English is one of the likely trembling spines in the spine. Imagine ordering 120 quails to start your "best" French, just to find out on which day you ordered it, there were 120 live geese. Make sure you have a good translator! Be the Google translator for the various local wedding venues or to decipher what the florist in the city is trying to sell you, the street is full of obstacles, do not let the language be one of them.

You may want to make your wedding a bit "easier" or maybe enjoy a spectacular local environment. Or maybe you just think it's so much fun having an outdoor wedding in your parents' garden!

Anyway, there are some considerations that you should think about ...

The weather!

Of course, the weather is the "biggy" for an outdoor wedding. If you live in an area that experiences the weather, you definitely need to have a backup option. This means that you rent tents or have an internal option that you can change at the last minute.

The temperature

If your outdoor wedding includes the evening celebration, you must consider the cool night air for your guests. If you're wondering about the temperature of your outdoor wedding, be sure to bring guests a wrap or jacket. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can also rent heat lamps or even fire.

On the other hand, if you take your wedding outdoors during a particularly hot season, you might consider keeping your guests the coolest. Make sure there is some kind of shade on a hot day for the guests - whether trees, tents or umbrellas!

The ground under your feet!

One consideration couples often overlook when planning an outdoor wedding is the floor. If the ground is covered with gravel turf, is irregular or wet (where high heels may sink!) Women have problems running in high heels. Take into account with your guests, young and old, whether the terrain is well drivable in formal clothing.

Even if you set up chairs on uneven terrain or wet grass, you must pay attention to wobbly places!


Similarly, you may need to rent a dance floor for an outdoor wedding. Uneven terrain, wet lawns or stony and rocky terrain are hard to dance. Your friends and relatives - especially the elders - will appreciate the attention on the dance floor!

Direction of the sun

If your outdoor wedding involves a midday sun ceremony; take their vows in the evening; or champagne makes speeches at sunset, think for a moment about how the sun will shine on your guests. If guests have to look in the sun trying to differentiate the silhouettes of the bride and groom, it might be better to reconsider the time or positioning of the different elements of the event.


Now here's a topic that does not quickly come to mind when you plan your wedding romantic outdoor in a beautiful natural setting ... BUGS! All wedding parties at night in the summer are plagued by annoying mosquitoes; Some parts of the world have even worse weather with black flies, wasps and other unpleasant creatures.

What can you do to avoid a buggy raid on your special day? Well, dotting a few Citronella candles here and there does not hurt. Placing a bottle of repellent behind a centerpiece on every table is not a bad idea either! Another great way to keep mistakes in check while out at the wedding is to put some fans on the edge of your desk to blow away mistakes.

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