How much does the average wedding cost USA and UK

The wedding reception is for most of the participants, the big event. In many cases, where it is possible to do so, the wedding ceremony takes place at the same location as the wedding reception. Wedding reception can be as simple as inviting all the guests to the couple's parents' home. Or, it can be as luxurious as having the wedding ceremony and reception in a romantic getaway and paying for airfare and accommodation for the entire guest list. Somewhere among these, you surely must find a plan that suits your budget.

In addition to the ongoing costs of getting married, the most expensive cost associated with a wedding is usually the cost of the reception. Wedding receptions are the soul of the great halls for rent. In the largest cities in the United States, many reception rooms only participate in weddings. The other rooms do not offer catering services, although they organize weddings. In these cases, you will have to hire your own catering service and your catering service should be acceptable for the room.

Having a marriage is an expense that not everyone can afford, although they are lucky not to be prepared for future costs. From the top of my head I could already think of several costs; wedding carriage, wedding dress, accommodation, reception, church and other garments, etc. The fact is that a wedding is going to cost you a bomb, and preparing to shoulder those expensive expenses in exchange for a special day is not exactly motivating, but I'm sure your future wife would be grateful.

The average marriage in the UK now costs £ 30,355, according to new research. According to the National Wedding Survey of in 2018, the cost of prepayment reached a record high, with an increase of £ 3,365, or 12%, from £ 26,989 a year earlier. However, this is not necessarily because the British are being more elaborate: the survey reveals that suppliers' costs have increased on average 12% per year.

When it comes to location, London is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most expensive place to get married in the UK where the average cost in weddings is £ 31,837. In second place comes Scotland with 19,791 pounds. In contrast, Northern Ireland is the cheapest place to get married, where couples spend £ 12,783 on average.

Americans spend an average of $ 33,391 on their wedding, according to The Royal Wedding of The Knot studio of 2017. And that does not even include the amount you spend on an engagement ring. The cost of a wedding depends on a variety of factors including the number of guests, the location of the ceremony, the season, the decor and of course the city where he decides to celebrate the wedding.

In some places in the US The average cost of a marriage is much lower than the national average. In New Mexico, for example, the average cost of a marriage is almost half of the national average of $ 17,584. But some places spend a lot more. According to sources, the average cost of a marriage in the United States is $ 20,000, but that depends on your budget. Your budget decides the theme of your wedding. But there are many ways to save money and make your wedding memorable with less expense. Read on to save money on your wedding and plan your wedding within your budget.

"It's imperative to start planning in advance: open a dedicated savings account to start your own wedding fund," Barba said. "However, you should not borrow to celebrate others, if you think you can not afford the financial burden to participate, think twice before confirming."

In addition, in the case of close friends and family, it is also good to raise your concerns about costs. If someone wants you at your wedding party, they can work with you to pay the cost. It is not a comfortable discussion, but in many cases their participation and presence are worth more than any present.

At these prices, restaurant services recommend that you try out the menu items you choose to serve the guests at your wedding and carefully check the menu to make sure you have not missed something important like the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is usually not included in the cost of the meal or in the reception room. Wedding cakes are also mentioned for the quantity of people you expect to serve as well as for the overall cake design and the regular bakery fees. There are bakeries for wedding cakes in most medium and large cities. In smaller towns, there is usually a "lady who makes wedding cakes".

Unless you are planning to do your wedding reception at a beauty salon that has a great wedding experience, it may be worth hiring a wedding planner to ensure that you do not forget any of the details you can do or undo Your marriage. marriage .

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