How to dress big bust small waist

When I'm small and with big eyes, I sometimes feel like the physical equivalent of a unicorn. But there are also small women with big chests. We are not unicorns. And we have to dress like everyone else. Clothing and laundry companies tend to think that a bigger chest = a larger body can be a challenge for our unique shape. But it can be done and we can look good. To make life a little easier (and more chic):
Try everything

And I mean everything. The cut is the most important element when buying such a type of body. Some narrow dresses seem incredible to me, while others create an unflattering "seam" that makes it very attractive to hide under a huge sweater. You never really know what your life will look like until you put it on. (Apart from these little bustiers, you know exactly what they will look like and it will not be good).


The wide leg, punch and pajamas give more volume to the lower half and balance the shape of the body.

Opt for the high collar and the scarf. V-neck, hoody, top and shoulder dresses are the best fit, because the wider neckline makes your chest look bigger and shorter. You can wear a petticoat underneath because you do not want to look too bright.

If you want to wear a sleeveless shirt, choose a top and dress with wider straps, wear a wider chest for maximum comfort or opt for longer sleeves.

A good support bra makes all the difference in the way the clothes fit you. Wear the correct size and remember that all brands have different sizes. They can be of a different size from one brand to another. Marks and Spencer is a brand that I personally recommend.

Keep the minimum at the top with dark or uniform colors, because you already have a big chest. So you do not have to be very careful.

Play with brighter colors, details such as pockets, lapels, ornaments, ruffles and prints on the bottom, where you need to get attention for a perfect balance.

Wear a single-breasted blazer or lace jacket to camouflage your torso. Do not forget to get soft, draped fabrics.

Long collars get longer and draw attention to the upper body.

How To Dress When You've Got Big Breasts

There is a special set of "style rules" that all busty girls already know. You do not necessarily talk about them all the time, but you know what to do without shopping and what you rely on. These guidelines stand out just as you did the first day you bent a bit all day to keep an open button closed, or you did not want to lift the strap of a naturally too small bra. But here's the thing about the rules: we're fans of violations of them.
Considering some of these ancient tropics, we've written a new styling script if you have big tits - one that takes into account that not all warm ladies like to remind others where their eyes are, and some of us are not interested in them for the term "minimizer". Instead, we've split the nine most common mistakes and some solutions to deal with them, the head (and the chest).

Buy the right bra

Seriously. If you wear the right size, you literally save a world filled with wounds. Tons of women, big and small, do not wear the right bra size. If you notice that your breasts are overflowing or the straps are sinking into your skin, look for a professional fit. Nordstrom is a great place for this as its laundry service is a bargain. Once you have determined your actual size and you can not spend 12 USD for a Target Target Bra (they do not earn 30 FF), you can invest some rest and money in bras you supporting correctly. Freya, Chantelle and Wacol offer great designs for larger hats.

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